April 3, 2008


Ooh, where to start…I really liked this book. I initially resisted reading it. Who knows why, probably because of my contrary nature, but I saw a photo in my beloved Entertainment Weekly that was a behind-the-scene shot from the new movie. And who was playing the main character, Edward Cullen, none other than Cedric Diggory. This was enough to make me curious about it. I decided I needed to read the book before the movie came out, so I picked it up from my local library and devoured it.

Twilight is the story of Bella Swan, a 17 year old girl who moves to Forks, WA from Arizona to live with her father after her mom gets re-married. On her first day of school she’s busy trying to survive being the new kid in the small town, but she can’t help noticing the 5 Cullen kids. They’re beautiful, graceful, and aloof, but when Bella is paired up with Edward in Biology class he is downright rude.

She can’t figure out what she did to make him so mad at her, and resolves to ignore him, but this proves to be harder than she thought. She’s continually drawn to him, and when he does an about-face and starts a friendship, she’s mesmerized and ecstatic. Bella recognizes that there is something different about Edward, but by the time she discovers his secret they are both too much in love to even consider walking away.

When some new non-“vegetarian” vampires wander through town, Bella is targeted in a game of cat and mouse that is thrilling and suspenseful until the end.

This book takes a premise that, in a less capable author’s hands could have been very cheesy, and makes it real and romantic and exciting. While the story is about vampires and mortals, it’s also about love and teen angst and being okay with not being normal. I really enjoyed reading Bella’s story as it continued in New Moon and Eclipse and I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn in August.

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i did not read this posting. but i look forward to hearing about this in depth tomorrow during take off.