April 22, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

Directed by John Alexander

I've enjoyed watching The Complete Jane Austen on PBS Masterpiece Classic. Some of the movies are new and some are the oldie but goodie versions and they've all been great. Sense and Sensibility is such a great story, and this adaptation is worthy of the book. I didn't think I would like this version when I started watching it because I really like the Emma Thompson version, but 10 minutes in I was already changing my mind. The acting is great and the settings are beautiful. I really liked that they seemed to keep more true to the book than previous versions.

I wasn't really impressed with the actor playing Willoughby, not because he wasn't a good actor, more because I couldn't see him as a "catch" that all the girls would lust after, and Marianne would lose her heart to. (Maybe it's because the actor is kinda short - I'm such a snob). The other actors were so perfect in their roles it was fun to watch. I already bought the DVD and watched it again, it's that good.

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Kim said...

I loved this adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. I agree that Willoughby was not cast very well and I agree that it was his height. Sad, but true. I really liked all the other characters, though. I especially liked Colonel Brandon and Edward. Even though I usually love Hugh Grant, I thought this Edward was better.