April 9, 2008

The Little Lady Agency

by Hester Brown
2005 - Simon & Schuster, Inc.

The Little Lady Agency is fun, light, British reading. I love books where the hero or heroine "finds themselves" with the help of good friends, random acquaintances, and a romantic interest.

The heroine in this books has an infuriatingly selfish family that she can't say no to, but has an innocence that works in her favor when she sets up the agency of the title. She helps hapless men who need the touch of a "little lady" in their life without the strings of an actual girlfriend. The descriptions of her many meetings and sessions with men around London are fun to read and imagine, and when she starts to get in too deep with a dashing, but wounded American estate agent, you can see where it's headed.

Although it's a little slow, and the ending wasn't quite as satisfying as I would have preferred, I'm still going to look for the sequel that I think is out there and enjoy another fluffy read.

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