April 20, 2008


How many of you felt the earthquake on Friday morning? Anyone? Well, I did. It was the oddest thing. I was at a conference in Louisville, KY, which I'm told is about two hours away from the epicenter. I was asleep on the 12th floor of the hotel when I was woken up by the bed shaking wildly and the windows rattling and a loud rumbling like a thunderstorm. It wasn't really long, and because I was in the midwest and not completely awake, I thought "wow, it's really windy on the 12th floor" and then I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I got in the elevator to go down to the first session of the morning and someone asked if everyone had felt the earthquake, I was like "oh, that makes more sense than high winds."
There was a slight aftershock later that morning that made the chairs rumble and the chandeliers tinkle, but it went largely unnoticed. What an odd occurrence. It's definitely one to remember. Like fainting and taking out a couple of cheerleaders, and walking into a wall because I hadn't quite woken up from the anaesthesia, I can scratch it off my "list of things I never wanted to do, but have now experienced and have a pretty good story to go with it".

Here's a picture of the blanket on my bed in the hotel. I get that racing is big in the area (Kentucky Derby and all that), but I have to say it's rather tacky.

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Anonymous said...

gotta agree about the blanket...way to go on experiencing an earthquake in the midwest!