April 7, 2008

And Then There Were Four

Last night was quite an adventure. My family went to the St. Pete Times Forum for the women's Final Four games. Halfway to Tampa, it started to pour, and we had no umbrellas or rain coats. We were laughing at the fact that the games are in sunny Tampa this year and we were going to have to run through the rain to get there. Of course, we had to park blocks away and then walk with the masses to the arena, so we were quite wet by the time we got there. We thought, "Ok, we're here so now we'll dry off, warm up, and enjoy ourselves". Not so. When we found our seats we realized that we were directly below a blower that blew cold air on us for the entire 5+ hours we were there. What an uncomfortable night. My dad went down to buy us all sweatshirts so we could have extra layers, but apparently we weren't the only ones with that idea because they were sold out and the closest thing left were really big long-sleeved t-shirts. On the plus side I now have an extra nightgown, and I'll admit, the extra layer was helpful. I sat there the whole time with hunched over with my hood up to keep the cold air off my neck and my dad bought a hat and wore it backwards to do the same.

If it weren't for the fact that the LSU/Tennessee game was really fun to watch, I would have felt it was a bit of a gip. But now we know. When we go back on Tuesday to watch Stanford try and tackle Tennessee we're wearing socks and shoes, sweatshirts and maybe bringing a blanket. It's kinda sad that we're dressing like we're going to a football game in November for a indoor basketball game in Florida.

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