April 11, 2008

The Specialists: Model Spy

This is probably my favorite book that I read this vacation. It's a fun mix of high-tech gadgetry, unconventional families and intriguing spy adventures. And the fact that the main character is a genius who happens to be gorgeous is fun too.

The story revolves around Kelly, who has an IQ of 190, but very few social skills. She's an orphan who has sped her way through school and at 16 is nearing the end of her college education. At the request of a cute guy from her dorm who has befriended her, she hacks into a government computer system. When she's caught, she's given the option to join a secret government organization that trains teens with special skills to go undercover.

It's very fun to follow her as she learns what it's like to be a part of a family, to rely on others and to be relied on in turn. And when she goes out on her first mission, the adventure really heats up. I think this is a series and I'm definitely going to look for the others when I get back home.

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Joy said...

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