June 8, 2010

World Cup 2010 - GOOOOOAAALL!

I am a soccer fair-weather fan. I willingly admit it. But my excitement for the FIFA World Cup that starts this Friday is building. I have a schedule of the games and am planning to watch constant soccer in the next few weeks.
The ever hilarious and never completely serious ESPN has a great commercial with US team player Landon Donovan.

Friday Fun - Museum of Science and Industry

The first official Friday Fun Adventure on an actual Friday was a smashing success. A train ride in to Hyde Park brought us to the Museum of Science and Industry where we explored the new exhibit "Science Storms." So cool. The rest of the museum was awesome too. Everything there is on such a big scale that I feel like a little kid again.

The Science Storms Exhibit
A tornado in the exhibit. It was really cool to watch, and Shonna was disappointed that she couldn't stand inside it. Such a weather nut!
The huge Tesla coil attached to the ceiling. It was super loud when they turned it on, but was awesome to watch the lightning shock the metal.
They had little booths where you could stand in really strong winds. We purposefully messed up our hair for the rest of the day, but it was really fun.
Shonna over-estimated the comfort of her shoes so we found her these Smart Chick socks in the gift shop.
Outside the museum is the R2D2 mailbox.
"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope."
In the U-505 exhibit they have a full submarine. Awesome! I read the book Playing with the Enemy by Gary W. Moore about the US Navy baseball team during WWII that was assigned to guard the German prisoners from this very sub, and taught them how to play baseball. It's like touching history. So cool.
And of course, you have to visit the baby chicks. They run around their little habitat responding to the people outside the glass that are waving at them. Really cute. It's hard not to "awwww."
After walking around Hyde Park a bit we settled on Chant, a fun and funky Asian cuisine restaurant for dinner.
Then back to Shonna's for a viewing of Star Trek. I loved that movie in the theater and it was just as good on the small screen. Dead-on re-creation and newly creative at the same time. Plus, we watched the gag reel and I couldn't stop laughing.
Here's to more successful adventure!

June 2, 2010


I know that we're actually closer to Father's Day than we are Mother's Day, but I wanted to share this photo of my mom at lunch on Mother's Day. She ordered a Chipati from Pizza House in East Lansing and it was the most entertaining looking meal I'd seen in a long time. It's like a cross between a huge cartoon oyster and a mini-UFO.
By the way, isn't my mom gorgeous!? If I look as pretty as her in the future I'll be so lucky.

June 1, 2010

Friday Fun Adventures! - Take One

The Summer of Friday Fun is off to a great start, even if we haven't yet done anything on a Friday. Shonna and I celebrated Memorial Day with a faux BBQ and a mini-marathon of the first season of Doctor Who.
Good Times.
Here are some photos of our indoor George Forman faux BBQ.
Proper BBQ food: hotdogs, chips, corn on the cob and pop. mmm.

We discovered that if you don't have those cool handles to put in the end of the corn, you need to wait for it to cool a bit before trying to pick it up. Just a tip.

This is me proving that you can't eat corn with any grace or manners. Yum.