April 2, 2008


So...I've joined the world of putting my thoughts on the internet for anyone to see. It was bound to happen eventually.

I've decided this will be a good solution to the "I have no one nearby to talk to" problem. The story goes that I finished grad school and in order to get a good job, moved to a new state. The upside is that my job is awesome and my new apartment is pretty darn cool too. The downside is that my family, friends, church, Bible study, and my favorite 2-story Barnes and Noble are 4 hours away. This means that until I make new friends here (which I'm still hoping for) I have no one close by to share my random thoughts or ramblings or obsessions with as they pop into my head. By the time I talk to someone on the phone, I've forgotten most of it and even though texting sometimes works, I like to tell long stories that don't fit in a short spurt of initials.

Hence, the blog. I've decided to share my long stories (which probably won't be that long, no worries) here so people I normally would have told them to over a 6 oz Dallas Filet and scrumptious buttered rolls at Texas Roadhouse can read them at their own pace.


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joanna said...

i heart texas roadhouse.