April 28, 2008

The Best Wedding I’ve Never Seen

I went to a wedding this weekend that was really fun and beautiful and sweet. It was in a large atrium area which meant it had all these cool paths and fountains and foliage without all the bugs. Nice. The most entertaining part of the night was the fact that almost every time there was something to watch, my view was blocked. I was sitting too far back in the top tier of seats during the wedding to see the bride and groom. I could see some of it, but mainly I just listened. When we were all seated at the reception and they introduced the wedding party, I was at a table behind a couple of massive pillars so I couldn’t see them walk down the stairs and sit down. Then…when they started the dancing, I thought I was all set because our table was right along the edge of the foliage that was above the dance floor, but again I was proved wrong. Two not so observant people stood up and placed themselves right in our line of view. It was absolutely comical. It might have sucked if there weren’t so many fun people there that I hadn’t seen since I moved to Illinois. I had a total blast chatting and laughing with my friends. It was a great party, and the bride was gorgeous (of course!).

Four hot chicas!

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