July 7, 2009

D.C. Highlights

I recently went on a family vacation to our nation's capital. I love that city. It's clean and peppy and chocked full of stuff to do. I thought I would share some highlights and some pictures. Enjoy!

* Smithsonian! Smithsonian! Smithsonian! - Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian props, The Castle, and the repairing of a space something or other at the Air and Space Museum are the main things I got pictures of, but we did quite a few of the museums.* Travel on the Metro was very somber and a bit slower after Monday's accident, but it is still my favorite public transportation system.

* Vacation Eating: McDonald's for breakfast, various food courts for lunch, and Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Lovely!* Kooky, yet relaxing, sculpture gardens.* The National Archives! We didn't actually go in because the line was always too long, but I had to take some snaps outside my motherland.* We got surprisingly close to The White House.* Nature in the big city - a duck family cruising in the Constitutions Garden Lake on the Mall.* Did you know that the National Aquarium is in the basement of the Commerce Building? Odd, but true. We spotted a turtle on the move.* The Tourists Traps - We saw the big ones, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capital, Arlington Cemetery, and the White House. I really like the Jefferson Memorial and the FDR Memorial, but we didn't make it to those this time.

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Gotta love the laughing archivist!
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