July 8, 2009

A Neeeww Caaar!

Imagine that title was yelled by Rod Roddy on the Price is Right.

I had success on my 4th of July weekend mission to find a new used car to replace my poor jeepy that was totaled in the accident last month. I bought a 2000 Honda CR-V in dark green. It was the least expensive car that I test drove and had the most amount of features that I wanted.
So far, so good. There are some amusing/annoying things about it, but they're not worth fixing so I'll just get used to them. And the horn makes a sad, unfortunate noise that I laugh at each time.

The plan is to use the money I saved to do some fixes that will bring it up to worry-free working condition, and drive it for a couple of years until I've saved up enough to buy the car I really want. Who knows, maybe I'll end up with a new CR-V down the road. Right now I'm just thankful that I'm not having to pay for a rental anymore.

Thanks also to Bob for his amazing help on the car buying day. I know I got the awesome deal that I did because of him. And he stuck it out even after I complained about one car because there was no place for my purse. (I'm such a girl).

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Anonymous said...

All hail Bob, the ultimate car-dad!