June 15, 2009

Poor Little Jeepy

So, some of you know that I was in a car accident last Thursday. It was a really sucky drive home from work. I was hit from behind and then hit the car in front of me, who hit the car in front of them, who was turning right into a parking lot and hit the car that was coming out of the lot. 5 cars total, four had to be towed.
I'm doing ok, although I'm super stiff and sore. I have bruises everywhere that are turning beautiful shades of gross and a bright "wheel burn" on my forehead from where I hit the steering wheel. Praise the Lord my friend Shonna was on her way to hang out that night. She was able to come and pick me up and then take me to the ER when I started to feel worse. (I am officially ok, just very banged up) She also spent the night (without a toothbrush, mind you) and helped me get a rental car the next day.
I went to the autobody shop today to pick up stuff from my car and I took pictures while I was there. This is the saddest I've been. My poor little jeep. It got smashed from both ends. The initial impact was hard enough to knock out the back window so the inside is a mess.
I'm really praying that it's fixable and the insurance people don't say it's totaled. Here are some pics. (Notice the Mt. Dew in the back that opened on impact.)

I did take a couple of pictures at the "scene" when they were towing my jeep, but I didn't know how to zoom so they're kinda far away. The white van is the one that hit me.


joanna said...

this is very, very sad :(
moment of silence

Auto Dad said...

It looks like every panel has a little wrinkle in it. Maybe you could buy it and turn it into a "rock crawler."