September 3, 2009

Author! Author! Author!

On Tuesday I went to the Book Club Kickoff Celebration at my local public library. I've been going to a book club through this library since I moved to IL and thought it would be fun to see what this celebration was all about.

They invited a number of local authors to come and talk to us. I hadn't heard of any of them and most of them are romance writers so I thought it might be a bit boring. I ended up having a great time! My name was drawn for a free book, and when one of the women from my book club told them it was my birthday, I got another free book. And since both the authors were there I got them signed.

I'm really excited to read them and see if they're any good. It was such an enjoyable evening and the women were so nice and approachable. I would recommend checking them out if your stumped for a romance or historical romance or supernatural romance read.

The Authors:
Luisa Bueler - Mysteries
Dyanne Davis - Supernatural and African-American Romance
Blythe Gifford - Historical Romance
Keena Kincaid - Historical Romance
Michelle Larks - African-American and Christian Romance
Ann Macela - Supernatural and Historical Romance


Ann Macela said...

Hi, Linnea!

We all had fun too. It's so great to talk to readers, to hear what you all like and want to read.

And if you liked our books!

A special thanks to all the library staff. They put on a great event.


Keena Kincaid said...

Hi, there! It was a great evening all around. I always enjoy meeting readers, even if they've never heard of me. I hope you enjoy the books as much as we enjoy writing them.

Blythe Gifford said...

So glad you enjoyed the evening. Thanks for posting about it. Hope you find some new favorites in the bunch!