June 27, 2008

Golf Lessons - Hole 2

I have now had two official golf lessons and I have learned a couple of things.
1) It is a whole lot more of a work-out than I ever thought. Our instructor spent the first 1/2 of the first lesson teaching us proper posture and stance and swing all without a club. Oh, baby. I was working all these muscles that are not used to being stressed, like certain parts of my arms and most surprisingly my abs and lower back.
2) Proper equipment makes a difference. I have a really old set of clubs that my great-grandfather (better known as Gramps) put together for my dad way back in the day. I'm pretty sure the clubs were gathered from various garage sales which would make them even older. So they're pretty old and out-dated and short. My instructor has me lean over more than normal so I can actually hit the ball when I swing. After a while she feels sorry for me and she just gives me her club to use and wow...does it make a difference.
**side-note: I pulled my putter out of the bag for the first time yesterday and noticed that it has a little label on it with Stewart Huff's (Gramps') name and address.**
3) Golf is fun! It is true that I've stayed pretty much on the driving range so I don't really know if I would like playing a round of golf. Let me clarify: Hitting golf balls is fun! I only wiff occasionally and every now and then I hit one and really impress myself. My instructor says "Those are the shots that keep you coming back" and I totally agree.
Conclusion: I'm not ready for the LPGA, but I could see myself buying my own set of clubs and heading to the driving range every now and then.

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paulette said...

Good going..you are hanging in there..clubs make a HUGE difference. Unfortunately the driving range doesn't have water, sand traps, trees, etc. yes I've become familiar with all. Paulette