June 6, 2008

Barely a Boulevard

My route to and from work is almost always the same, and the main road I take is Weber Road, which has these unusual (at least to me) boulevard type dividers. The size/style of the road changes as you go along. Sometimes it’s 4 lanes, sometimes its 4 lanes with a turning lane, sometimes its 6 lanes. It all depends on what’s built around the road. At large intersections where there were 4 lanes and then a turn lane is created just to turn at the light they have these odd boulevard things in the middle of the road. In MI, they just paint yellow stripes to discourage you from driving into the turn lane too soon, but here they put in a small, maybe an inch or two high, curb thing.
This may be normal here, but it really surprised me at first. It also surprised me when people regularly ignored it. If they want to turn left, but the lane is blocked, they just hop up and drive on the median. Also, if they want to turn left before the light but the boulevard is in the way, they just drive over it. It’s an amazing thing to watch (or maybe I just need to get out more). I have to admit that I’ve always thought it was a little dramatic. Can’t they just wait for the cars ahead of them to move, or go past the turn and come back to avoid all this odd driving?
Well, today I was driving home from work and I saw that the gas station on the other side of the road was a good 10 cents cheaper than the one by my house. So what did I do? I turned left and drove over the mini-boulevard. I think this means that I now officially live in Illinois.


paulette said...

you've arrived:)

joanna said...

i read this post last night and laughed today at work because i was driving with a woman that decided she was on the wrong side of a one way road in a park in lansing and found the most appropriate way to resolve this was to drive over the cement slab median dividing the sides of the road. and to top it all off, we were in a 15 passenger van.