March 18, 2009


I'm convinced. There are signs everywhere that Spring is fast approaching and after yesterday's wonderful 74 degree weather, I'm very optimistic. I decided to come up with a couple of examples of things that I noticed that are sure signs that Spring is just around the corner.

1 - It is light past 7pm. That's huge since for a while there it was dark at 4pm, one of the sucky things of being on the east side of a time zone.

2 - Old Navy has released their "wall o' flip-flops". Don't worry, I stocked up. My mom actually had to tell me to settle down. It's very hard to resist 2 for $5.

3 - The grass has taken on a slightly green hue. This is great for my drive through farm-ish land to and from work. The brown-ness is being replaced by spring lush greens.

4 - The weather reports say "it's going to get a bit colder the next few days", but they mean 30s and 40s not negative teens, which is a huge difference.

5 - And most importantly, the USF Safety & Security Cart is back in the quad. You know it's spring when the men and women who protect and serve USF are willing to leave the warmth and safety of their cars for the open cart.

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