March 5, 2009

Historical Tweets

I am not a member of the Twitter community. It's hard enough remembering to update this blog, let alone keep up a micro-blog of what I'm doing through-out the day, plus how boring would that be.
Never-the-less, I came across this website and it had me giggling.
The people behind it are very creative. They have imagined the "tweets" of various people in history. Good fun. My favorite so far is from the entry on Feb 25, "A Real, Old-School Flame War Begins on Twitter". It has the English Armada (EngArmada) tweeting on August 4, 1588 at the battle with the Spanish Armada "PWND!". In case you don't know (like I didn't) the Urban Dictionary says the definition of pwnd is "A word which gamers use to indicate that someone was brutally beaten in a video game, and thus humiliated." or "To school someone. To kick someone's ass."
It very much reminds me of the scene in The West Wing, when Leo is talking to the British Ambassador (of whom he is not a fan) and wins their argument by saying 'I remember when we opened a huge can of whoop ass on you at Yorktown.' PWND!

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