March 11, 2009

Pop or Soda?

Growing up in Michigan it was "pop". It wasn't until I starting hanging out with people from Louisiana and Massachusetts and Iowa and other parts of the country that I started paying attention to other names. Some people say "soda" others say "soda pop" and others say just "coke" for all carbonated beverages. Without realizing it, I developed a bit of a complex about the correct terminology when I moved to IL. I found myself saying both when I would go out to restaurants. "What kind of pop, soda do you have?" When I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I walked past a bus stop with a new Pepsi ad. I decided that if Chicago uses the same terminology as my home town then it must be just right. I should be proud of "pop" and the next time I get flustered when ordering beverages at a restaurant I should say "I'll just have a water." (It's better for me anyways.)

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