May 22, 2008

Reality TV

In general, I am not a fan of reality television. I think it’s a scary trend in American TV viewing and I’m constantly amazed/appalled at the new reality shows I see advertised. It’s not that I’m not aware of what’s happening in that part of TV Land, I see the commercials and the news stories on the internet, but I’m rarely intrigued by the types of shows in that genre.
But now I feel I must confess that I have recently become addicted to two reality shows. They aren’t necessarily new shows, but I’ve just recently stumble upon them so they’re new to me. They both fall into the category of “cameras following people around in their everyday lives”, and I think my favorite thing about both these shows is that they are nice, clean, pleasant people that are being filmed. There’s no back-stabbing or plotting or greed or sex or plain craziness. It’s just people living their lives while being filmed.
The first one is Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC. It’s a show that follows a couple (Jon and Kate) who have a set of twins that are seven and a set of sextuplets that are three. Two seven-year-olds and six three-year-olds. Wow. Their house can get crazy, but there’s lots of love, lots of order and they’re all very entertaining.
The second one I’m addicted to is Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. This show is amazing! It follows Charm City Cakes in Baltimore that has an extremely talented staff that make some extremely cool cakes. They make cakes that are like works of art, and it’s so fun to see them start from scratch and go through the whole process of shaping and decorating to get the finished product. And the staff are funny! They have so much fun together working and figuring out how to best make and decorate the cakes. It’s great fun to watch.
So there…I’ve admitted to liking two shows in a genre I tend to look down on. I’m a hypocrite…Dang.

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