May 22, 2008

From Dead to Worse

By Charlaine Harris
2008 – Penguin Group (USA)

This is the 8th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. It follows the life of a small town Louisiana cocktail waitress whose life is never as quiet and calm as she hopes. These books are great supernatural stories full of quirky characters and twists and turns. As Sookie has learned more and more about the supernatural community or “supes” as they’re called, her world is expanded in ways she never thought possible, and it’s been really fun to follow along. The books all have a bit of the unexpected, a bit of mystery, a lot of laughs and plenty of suspense.
I have to admit, as the series has progressed they’ve gotten a bit darker and fallen into the same rut as the Stephanie Plum series. The books tend to be weaker individual stories as they link with the overarching stories of the series as a whole. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it and read it in about a day. This book definitely sets the stage for future adventures and I’m excited to see what will happen.
In related news, HBO is developing a series based on the books with Anna Paquin as Sookie. Might be interesting.

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