May 7, 2008

Iron Man

I saw Iron Man last night and it was a night well spent. It was one of the best comic book movie adaptations that I've seen (and come to think of it, I think I've seen them all). Robert Downey, Jr. was such a fun surprise. He was quick and witty and really natural and funny. I loved watching the scenes when he was working in his lab, or in the cave, tinkering and creating. I actually believed that he was that smart, and his "lab assistants" were great comedy relief.

I did wish that there were more scenes of him "saving the day", but hopefully there will be a sequel with more of that.
The only part that was hard to take was the whole "glowing piece of metal in the chest" part. I was really squeamish during those scenes and actually still shiver a little when I think about them. But it was easy to know when to look away.

It was also great to see a cast of one of these movies that was older and more mature. There were no teeny-bopper types which I think gave the story more gravitas.

Two thumbs up!

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