April 26, 2010

The Cardboard Jungle

Who knew cardboard could soak up so much water? While doing laundry yesterday I finally noticed a small dripping noise somewhere in the basement. I remembered that there had been a very tiny leak in the corner where all my stuff is stored, but it had stopped and then last week it was "fixed" to prevent it happening again. I decided to investigate, and sure enough, the pipe was dripping and probably had been since it was fixed last Thursday. The boxes right below it were in different states of wet and icky.
I managed to get everything wiped off and set out to air dry with the help of my roommate, but I'm going to need to re-box a lot of stuff to prevent any mold from taking hold. Ugh. What a crappy way to end the weekend. At least nothing was ruined. Most of the wet stuff can easily be washed and the boxes with paper in them didn't get wet on the inside.
I'm really glad I noticed it yesterday because it could have made a huge mess if it was left too long. But like they say: a little water never hurt anything, unless you're the Wicked Witch of the West.

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