September 2, 2008

Labor Day Golf Lessons

This Labor Day Weekend I went home to MI for the long break and had a wonderful time. I was able to see old friends and extended family and I spent some quality time on my parent's couch in front of the TV, which is one of my favorite places to be.
During the course of this full weekend I played my first round of golf. My friend Paulette took me out on Saturday morning for 9 holes at Indian Hills in Okemos and I had a blast.
Here's what I've learned about golf:
- My clubs are too short
- I'm not very good at hitting the ball off the tee, but my short game isn't too bad.
- Paulette is the most patient, kind and supportive golf partner/teacher/coach EVER, although "hello noodle, goodbye noodle" is totally stuck in my head. (The golf balls we used had the word noodle on them).
- The golf sandals that my grandma gave me are great, unless you're playing early in the morning when the grass is covered in dew, because they tend to pick up bits of grass and water so that by hole 5 you squish when you walk.
- Keeping your eye on the ball doesn't always work. Sometimes you just watch is sit on the tee as the golf club swings by.
- Hitting a divot of grass farther than the ball is embarrassing.
- The day after golfing can be painful. I have muscles in my lower back and arms that I had no idea I was using, but can definitely feel now.
- I can totally see why people head to the clubhouse after a round. By hole 8 I was famished and could really have used a stiff drink.
- Golf courses are beautiful!

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paulette said...

Keep your head down,keep your arm straight, bend your knees and duck:)..enjoyed it too...Paulette