September 16, 2008

IL Hearts McDs, I Heart Taco Bell

I don't know what it is about the McDonald's around here, but they are always busy. It doesn't matter when I pass one, there is always a full parking lot and a line at the drive-thru. I can't figure out why. It's not like it's the only game in town. There's every fast-food joint I can think of around here, well...except for a Sonic, but no town is perfect. I don't get it. Case in point: I wanted to drive through McD's last weekend to get a coke (because they have the best fountain cokes, obviously) but the line was around the building, at least 10 cars long. And usually if they drive-thru is too busy you can go inside, but the parking lot was full. I didn't see one open space, and it was 2:30 in the afternoon. I don't get it.
So I've slowly been converting to Taco Bell for fountain pop. Fountain Mt. Dew from Taco Bell is second best behind fountain Coke from McDonalds and there's one on the way home from work so I let myself take a little detour every so often. There's rarely a line, which is nice and every so often, if I only order a pop and nothing else, I'll get it for free. I love that! I got one today, "on the house" he said. That's three times now! That's the way to keep me coming back, and maybe sometime I might even order food.

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