November 3, 2008

X23: Target X

By Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost

This book is actually a graphic novel. Can you believe I read a graphic novel? I thought it would be fun to read something X-Men for the 'X' book on my list. It turns out it’s not so easy to go to a comic book store and browse for a “good book” like you can in a book store. I learned that the smaller comic books, excuse me…graphic novels, are only parts of stories so you have to buy a bunch to get a complete set. Bummer. I asked the guy working there for some help and he explained that you can buy books that are a whole set brought together. He recommended a couple and I got this one. It’s about a girl who’s life is tied to that of Wolverine (the Hugh Jackman character), but has been used by bad people and is now trying to figure out what to do. It was pretty cool and once you got used to the different way of reading the story it flew by. I’m actually thinking I might go back to see if they have more stories with this character.
So there you go, that’s my branching out for the month. Maybe next month I’ll try reading a non-fiction book (gasp!).

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Anonymous said...

Yay that my sister finally read a graphic novel.